Thursday Courses

Did you ever wonder what the rabbis you’ve read and heard about, like Rabbi Akiva and Hillel, were really like?  What were their backgrounds, occupations, family life? What was their approach to Judaism, what was their importance, and what can we learn from them today?
Starting October 14th at 10 AM

TORAH STUDY – Rabbi Howard Shub
This is a weekly class in which Rabbi Shub will discuss the highlights of the weekly Parsha (Torah Portion) of the third year of the Torah Triennial.
Starting October 11th at 11 AM

MODERN JEWISH THOUGHT Rationalism and Its Limits  –  Stan Isser
Mordecai Kaplan’s rationalistic analysis of Judaism and the Jewish people, and his formula for collective survival, were drawn from the social sciences rather than tradition or philosophy.  Eugene Borowitz’s existentialist approach stressed the religious needs of the individual rather than the collective.  Abraham Joshua Heschel expressed traditional faith and observance in a modern idiom.  Where were they perceptive and where did they miscalculate in their prescriptions for American Judaism?  There will be open discussion and class members will be encouraged to think about where they stand in relation to the issues raised.
2:00 PM from March 3rd – 24th

ISRAELI DANCE  – Marilyn & Herb Cohen
In this class you will learn many early dances of Israel as well as more contemporary ones. The class is for both beginners and those with some experience. Participants will be provided with a CD that includes the music for all the dances taught.
7:00 PM Starting in January

RESPONSA LITERATURE – Rabbi Anthony Fratello
We will take a look at Response Literature in General, and then focus on some Contemporary Responsa from the different streams of Judaism.
Live at Temple Shaarei Shalom at 7:00 PM.
Oct. 4, Nov. 18, Jan. 20, Mar. 3

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