Important Information You Need To Know

Things You Need To Know

  • You must register for any and all courses, lectures and/or Book Clubs that you want to attend.
  • We encourage you to register for ADJLC offerings online at:
  • If you wish to play by credit card, you MUST register online.
  • Courses given by Clergy of Collaboration Synagogues (listed on page two) are FREE. However, you must still register for these classes to assure that you receive cancellation and other notices.
  • The ADJLC in determination with the Instructor reserves the right to cancel a courses or lecture if there is insufficient enrollment.
  • Please note that course dates are subject to change at the discretion of the Instructor. Please call the specific synagogue location if you need to confirm cancellation.
  • Synagogue locations and abbreviations are as follows:
    Temple Shaarei Shalom –TSS
    Temple Torat Emet –TTE
    Temple Beth Tikvah-TBT
    Temple Beth Kodesh-TBK
  • Please note that courses are listed by day in time order.
  • All important notifications will be sent by email, so please be sure to include your email address on the registration form.
  • Applicable to registration by printed form and online registration
  • Please complete one registration form per person.
  • Check off each course, lecture, or study group you plan to attend. Write your check payable to the Adult Jewish Learning Collaboration. Mail or bring payment to a Collaboration synagogue (listings found on page two).
  • You will automatically receive an email acknowledgement of your registration.