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MONDAY – ROBERT ALTABET Sephardic Culture LECTURE, 2-4PM  Feb. 28
When the Torah spoke in Spanish. The first Torah commentary in a vernacular.
Meam Loez – The Torah Anthology was initiated in Ladino in 1730 with the launch of commentary on Bereishit-Genesis by Isaac Kuli. Ultimately, the entire Torah was completed according to Kuli’s plan after he died over the next 50 years. This became a staple in every Sephardic Synagogue in the Ottoman empire. In the 1960s it was translated into Hebrew and English. While it is an anthology of virtually every commentator on each verse and section, it also contains original insights by each of the 5 authors. We will look at the historical context that prompted this popular work and explore some of the Torah insights by the authors and by some of the lesser-known sources.

TUESDAYS – VIVA LADINO, Language Class – 3X Month 1:00PM
Dec. 7, 14, 28, Jan. 4, 11, 25, Feb. 1,15, 22, Mar. 1, 8, 29

TUESDAYS – ECHAR LASHON, Speakers’ Group, 1:00PM
Facilitated by Jake Kohenak with Special Zoom Guests
Oct. 19, Dr. Judith Cohen
Nov. 16, Hazzan Ramon Tasat
Dec. 21, Albert Maimon
Jan. 18, Jane Mushabac
Mar. 22, Daisy Braverman

Dec. 16, Sefarad; Jews of Portugal
Jan. 6, Saving the Iraqi Jewish Archive; A Journey of Identity
Feb. 17, Starting Over Again; A Jewish Egyptian Story
Mar. 17, Challah Rising in the Desert; The Jews of New Mexico

Oct. 24 – Our Sephardic Experience, Rabbi Nissim Elnécave
Nov. 14 – The Monastir Project, Sarah Aroeste
Dec. 5 – Luncheon/Hanukah Party, 12pm NOON- Rafina Greek Taverna, Boca Raton
Jan. 16 – Jews of Izmir, Dina Dannon
Feb. 13 – Siempre Ladino/Ladino Forever, Int’l Ladino Day Concert, Susana Behar


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Echar Lashon                                              “Fascinating Sephardim:                     Vijita de Alhad
A Ladino Speakers’ Club                             A Film Series                                        Sunday Visits


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